I want to Skate (Part 2)

I want to Skate!

Reminding me the old time when I was watching skateboard videos on my TV screen thinking I’d be able to do that one day… Things don’t always go the way you want them to!

Skate ‘n’ Splash

Sprite Zero just made this interactive YouTube video to promote their product. Forget about the usual branding you can see in this kind of advert, this time you almost don’t notice that it’s an advertisement for Sprite.

Shot in Berlin few weeks ago, this video focus on the interactivity with the viewers who can control the skateboarder’s tricks by using his keyboard keys. Have a go below!

I want to skate (via Konbini)

I’m amazed how you can find a lot of interesting videos on Konbini!! And even if it’s originally French most of the videos are in English or have English subtitles. Check it out!

Taken from the Paris Vs NewYork BLog